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A Look At Nursing Jobs In Canada

Emigrate to Canada
Emigrate to Canada

For over 30 years now, there has been a shortage of nurses in the Canadian health care system. Reports suggest that this shortage will soar to alarming heights in the next 10-15 years. There are numerous factors that contribute immensely to the demand for nurses in Canada. For example; the aging nursing workforce, the increasing needs of the growing Canadian population, the existing culture and beliefs of the Canadian people on their health care system. All these have made Canada an ideal employment destination for nurses.

Let’s look at the reasons that create the demand for nurses in Canada:

The increasing population health needs 

In Canada, every single individual requires qualified nursing services. This therefore means that as the population grows so does their needs for nursing services. It is without a doubt that when people grow old they require professional care. They need to be taken care by well trained nurses. Canadian population especially the elderly is the largest growing population segment. The elderly population is living longer and are vulnerable to chronic illness than ever before. Therefore as this population segment increases, there will always be the need for nurses in Canada.

The aging nursing workforce 

Very few people are getting employed as nurses in Canada and the workforce reflects the ongoing dynamics of the Canadian population. On average, most nurses in Canada are in their late forties. This means that they will be retiring in the next 10-15 years. Therefore, in order to bridge this gap, the Canadian government will have to employ more nurses who will have to come from other countries. It is essential to point out that Canada has never had adequate nurses to meet the needs and demands of its population.

The beliefs and values of the Canadian people 

Being a developed country, the Canadian people put high value on fairness, equity and public accountability. Public institutions should provide quality services to all the citizens without discrimination in terms of gender, income, race, occupation or age. Everyone has the right to quality healthcare services. On top of that, since it is a developed country, citizens expect the services to be personalized to address the needs and demands of each person. This puts a lot of pressure to the healthcare system and as such they are forced to employ more and more nurses.

In conclusion, Canada as a first world country has not been able to adequately produce enough nurses to meet the country’s demand. Therefore nursing jobs in Canada will always be available to emigrants as well as the locals.      

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