Apply for Canada Express Entry


How to Apply for Canada Express Entry

Canada is widely known for its popularity among the diversity in people and their cultures. Canada is a country that welcomes citizens from all around the world. Along with the beauty and the popularity, Canada is also active in launching numerous programs that assist people and foreign citizens to stay in the country and survive by learning and earning without any obstacles.

Canada Express Entry program is about assisting migrants from other countries for getting a permanent residency in Canada. The procedure for doing so includes an application process which is quite accessible on the internet. Here are the steps involved for applying through Canada Express Entry.

•       Submit your Online Express Entry Profile
•       After receiving an ITA (Invitation to Apply), you can further apply for a Permanent Residency Visa

Here’s a detailed explanation of how can you apply for the process of Canada Express Entry

The process of pre-application includes;

•       Your reason to move to Canada – Canada Express Entry’s focus more on professionals who are looking for better career opportunities here. Before applying, you need to be clear about your reason to move here. Once that is clear, it will be easier to move on with the process.

•       Check your eligibility - For moving into a new country you must be eligible as per the criterion mentioned by the immigration system. Your eligibility is usually tested on your age, education, skills, experience, language proficiency, etc. Your eligibility will help you score marks that will set your position in the Express Entry system.

•       Generate your online express entry profile – Once the steps mentioned above have been completed, the next step is to generate your online express entry profile.

On completion of these three steps, you are closer to fulfilling your dream of migrating to Canada.

Moving further with Pre ITA phase:

Pre ITA - This step will really test your patience! Once your score is greater than the cut-off score approved by the CIC, you will receive an ITA. In this step, it is essential to keep your documents like Police clearance certificates, employer reference letters, proof of funds, etc. ready for verification.

Post ITA - This step is essential and needs to be completed carefully. On submission of your documents, you get an ITA. On receiving your ITA, you are given 60 days to file an application before the window closes.

Canada Express Entry has been introduced to speed up the immigration process for professional and skilled migrants. With this process, the competitiveness has also risen. And hence, any scope of error could delay the complete process.

When you have experienced Visa officials working on your case, you are immediately freed from the complete documentation and application process. You will receive assistance from a caseworker that will keep you updated about the process and requirements on a regular basis. This takes away the stress out of the immigration process while you can concentrate on preparing to migrate to Canada.

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